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Introduction to Anigozanthos Project

The Anigozanthos project is a web platform for a unique series of improved genetics within the Anigozanthos family. Members of the project are leading Anigozanthos growers and breeders from around the world who aim to offer their knowledge and experience so consumers have direct access to technical information and can learn how to grow and enjoy kangaroo paws to their full potential. The new range of our kangaroo paws have been developed by the skilled employees at the Ramm Botanicals, a multi-award-winning plant propagation nursery based in New South Wales of Australia.

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So, what’s so special about Anigozanthos?

Anigozanthos are a remarkable exotic plant that will flourish in many climates once an established plant. Australian by design, this species can grow with no attention in almost any Mediterranean climate-type, however, we with a little effort; you can successfully grow Kangaroo Paws anywhere! They produce furry, tough flowers in profusion that boast vibrant, long lasting colours, while their long, strappy foliage adds an exotic essence to their picture. They create a rhizome root structure which is the plants secret to withstanding harsh climates.

With over 30 different cultivars, we offer varieties that are perfect in a range of different applications and showcase the most beautiful colours. We have selected the strongest genetics between thousands of new creations to bring you perfection, divided into three different ranges: The “Bush Gems” can grow from 40cm to 100cm high, indoors or outdoors, which are best kept in pots or planted in the garden. The “Bush Gem Minis” include four varieties that have a more compact habit and only grow to about 40cm. They’re excellent for creating a living decoration by using them as a centrepiece for tables, or next to a window. Finally, the Landscapers are much bigger plants with higher disease tolerance making them easier to grow. The Bush Gems Landscapers are best enjoyed in the garden or in large, decorative pots!

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