Anigozanthos Bush Blitz

A blitz of orange & burgundy coloured flowers in late spring and summer. Flowers a little later than other Bush Gems but makes up for that with an outstanding, long lasting display. Quite exciting to watch its’ iridiscent colours change while the flowers getting older. Height to 70cm Width to 50cm How to get the … Read more

Anigozanthos Bush Pearl

The popular pink-flowered Bush Pearl is a prolific flowerer on a compact plant. This variety is a great advertisement regarding the benefits of breeding by creating a atypical flower colour on a multi-branched, free flowering and disease tolerant form. Height to 50cm Width to 45cm How to get the most out of Pearl: Place it … Read more

Anigozanthos Bush Ballad

This kangaroo paw produces dozens of flowering branches, displaying a profusion of bright red flowers throughout most of the year. Many small and narrow flowers pop up from every stem, creating a great picture for your garden. Height to 60cm Width to 50cm How to get the most out of Ballad: Place it in full … Read more